One Shot Retrievers: Dog training in Frankston, Texas


Alex Brittingham has been training dogs for over 10 years. While studying marketing at Texas Tech, she got her first duck dog, “Nitro”, who opened her eyes to the world of retriever training and AKC hunt tests. She has since made training her full-time profession. Alex has become recognized in the waterfowl community for her 20 lb Jack Russell Terrier, “Gator”,  who retrieves ducks, geese, and cranes. For Alex, training isn’t just a job, it’s her passion. She strives to bring each new dog to its full potential, whether it be a retriever or just a well-mannered family pet.
Alex and Gator
This young woman is driven to show the world what you can do with a dog, any dog.
— The Hunting Dog Podcast


Alex surrounded by labs
We offer boarding for all breeds. Dogs who stay for boarding will have playtime 2-3 times a day on our 34 acre property, which features two ponds. We will provide food, but clients are welcome and encouraged to bring their own to keep the dog on a consistent diet.
$25 per night
A lab puppy carrying a training dummy
Puppy Head Start
In this program, puppies 4-6 months of age will learn proper socialization skills, treat training to basic commands, name recognition, and introduction to water, birds, and gunfire.
$750 per month
An obedient puppy looking into the camera
Our obedience program is a six-week course offered for all breeds. Dogs in this program will learn basic commands including: Here, Heel, Sit, and Kennel. At the end of the program, your dog will be collar conditioned and performing these commands off lead. Pups in this program will also learn basic manners, such as not jumping on people.
$1,400 for six-week course
Alex issuing commands to a dog
Basic Gun Dog
This is a 4-6 month program for dogs six months of age or older. Dogs in this program will go through basic obedience, collar conditioning, and force fetch. At the end of the program, they will be able to perform single marked retrieves. They will deliver to hand and be steady to shot. We also work on retrieving through decoys and off of a dog stand/dog hut.
$800 per month
A lab in a hunting dog vest running into water
Advanced Gun Dog
This program is for dogs that have completed the basics program and is typically an additional 6-10 months. In our advanced program, we will continue the dog’s education, teaching blind retrieves, double, and triple marks. The dogs will also be introduced to poison birds, walk up scenarios, and honoring.
$800 per month
Alex and three labs with awarded ribbons pinned to their collars
AKC Hunt Tests
AKC Retriever Hunt tests are a fantastic way to test your dog's skills while also improving their pedigree and keeping them sharp in the off-season.
Handler Fee:
Junior & Senior: $75 per test
Master: $100 per test